Terms and conditions of sale

The owner of this site does not receive any money from the potential customer and does not sell the products, but allows the potential customer to purchase the original product at the lowest price, putting him in direct contact with the companies producing/distributing the products/services that will ship him the product to be paid directly to them on delivery.

The purchase of the product is reserved for adults only. The purchase of the product by minors or by companies/VAT holders is prohibited.
By clicking the “buy now” or “buy now” or “buy it now” button, the potential customer will place a pre-order without paying anything to the holder of this account and must ensure that the shipping data provided is complete and correct, including the number mobile phone mandatory and necessary to start the shipment by the manufacturing/distributing companies of the products/services.
The data provided will be used exclusively to be transferred to the manufacturing/distributing/commercial companies through special “Contact Forms”, which must be completed to finalize the purchase. Furthermore, the potential customer agrees to receive new contacts in the future to propose new commercial offers.
Within 24 hours of receiving the data, the actual manufacturer/distributor of the product will contact the potential customer by telephone to confirm the order before proceeding with the shipment.

If you do not confirm the order by telephone, the shipment of the pre-ordered item cannot take place and the pre-order will not be considered valid and will be cancelled.
If for any reason you do not receive the call from the manufacturer/distributor within 24 hours of sending the “Contact Form”, you will have to fill it in again, making sure that the data entered is correct.
After confirming the desire to purchase the product by telephone to the manufacturer/distributor of the product, confirming all the data necessary for the cash on delivery service, the pre-order will be transformed into an order between the private customer and the manufacturer/distributor who will send the object directly from its warehouse to the final customer.

Payment will be made exclusively in cash on delivery, unless otherwise specified on the “Contact Form”, and the beneficiary of the payment will be the sender of the package as well as the contracting party for the shipping service.
For these reasons, the juridical, legal, civil, economic and fiscal relationship arising from the purchase of this product is to be understood as “between the private purchaser” and the “company producing/distributing the product”.

1) We do not sell the products directly but we provide a service to the potential buyer by putting him in direct contact with the manufacturing/distributing/commercial companies that own the products/services, thus allowing him to purchase the original product at the lowest price. This service will be declared concluded after sending the potential customer the form to be filled in which will put him in contact with the manufacturing/distributing/commercial companies that own the products/services.
The potential customer is aware and accepts without reservation that by choosing to click the “Buy Now” or “Buy Now” or “Buy It Now” button and adding a product to the cart, he is not purchasing from a merchant or the actual manufacturer/distributor of the product, but is simply placing a pre-order through a third party, whether he chooses to pay by cash on delivery or by Paypal.
This is because we are not merchants, we are not owners of the product, we do not possess material of the same, we do not import, we do not ship, we do not market in any way the object of this advertisement. We only collect the data necessary for the purchase from potential customers, to be automatically transferred to the distributing/manufacturing company, by virtue of an occasional affiliation agreement with another advertising network. This means that we cannot be considered sellers/traders. Dividing the purchase phase between pre-order and order is essential for consumer protection, since, once the data has been transmitted to the distributor/manufacturer, the latter will contact the potential customer by telephone to make sure there are no errors or obstacles of any kind that could cause damage of any kind to the potential customer.
Only once the telephone confirmation has taken place between the distributor/manufacturer and the potential customer, can the transaction be transformed from a PRE-ORDER to a definitive ORDER.

2) This advertisement is aimed exclusively at private individuals and not at companies. We have no financial and economic relationships with the manufacturing/distributing companies. It follows that billing requests from companies can only be requested from manufacturing/distributing companies, only during the confirmation phone call, which they will choose to use based on their tax regime.

3) The potential customer accepts without reservation that we are not fiscally, legally, legally and civilly responsible for any type of dispute and/or problem of any nature arising from the order confirmation and the use of the product marketed by the manufacturing company/ distributor in this listing. For any dispute, please refer to the manufacturer/distributor whose company details are always shown on the packaging.

4) The potential customer accepts without reservation that the cash on delivery payment is not made to us, but is made to the company distributing the product indicated on the package which will be delivered by courier. For this reason we are not required to make refunds which, if necessary, must be requested directly from the manufacturer.

5) We do not guarantee the truthfulness of the information provided by the distributing/manufacturing companies as, not having direct relationships, we are unable to verify them.
In this regard, the potential customer accepts without reservation that with regard to this product, the image is provided by the catalog of the manufacturer/distributor, the package could be different in minute details, because the manufacturer/distributor reserves the right to modify at its sole discretion judgment such details. Furthermore, given that the producers are always committed to improving the products offered, the potential customer also accepts that the content of the product could be different from the description because it has been subjected to improvement in terms of concentration and ingredients by the producer. You will be able to take information of this conformity at the time of the telephone confirmation.

6) The potential customer accepts that the main method of payment for this product is cash on delivery (payment on delivery) and that this will take place only after telephone confirmation and only after receiving the product from the manufacturer/distributor

7) We are not responsible for what any other online company, on any external web page, says about the product being advertised.

8) The product, which is the subject of this advertisement, should not be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Results are not 100% guaranteed because individual response is different, as are the results obtained. For the diagnosis, contact a specialized doctor. The results obtainable with the same product vary from person to person.
The information contained in this advertisement is of an informative and generic nature, therefore it must only be used for informational purposes and not for diagnosis on oneself or on third parties, not for therapeutic purposes, not for self-medication. We urge you to consult your physician before purchasing.
We advise the potential customer to proceed with the pre-order ONLY if you are sure, following medical advice, that you can come into contact with the product and that its ingredients can actually be beneficial. In addition to medical advice, it is advisable to report any doubts and pathologies or ailments to the commercial/distributor/manufacturer by telephone when confirming the pre-order.
The holders of this account do not assume responsibility for damages, of any kind, that the user, drawing the information from this announcement, could cause to himself or third parties, deriving from improper or illicit use of the information contained in this announcement, or from errors and inaccuracies relating to their content, or from free interpretations, or from any action that the user of the site can undertake independently and separately from the indications of his or her doctor.
No guarantee is given as to the truthfulness or accuracy of the information contained in this announcement as the holder of this account is not a trader, specialist or doctor.
The seller reminds users that before buying any supplement and/or food product, even natural, in the case of known pathologies and taking any type of drug and/or other supplement, they must absolutely consult their general practitioner and/or in any case the doctor specialist who takes care of him for everything. The owner of the site assumes no responsibility in the case of side effects, because he considers the note, the information and the entire description read, accepted and understood by the user.
In this, nothing is guaranteed, nothing miraculous is promised, the user is NOT incited with deceptive stratagems to purchase the product by relying on needs and inconveniences of any kind. The results shown may vary from person to person.
By pre-ordering the product in this listing, you are aware that you are pre-ordering a “product of your own free will, with no guarantee of results.

9) The owners of this site, the affiliate network, the distributing/manufacturing companies and ebay cannot in any way be held responsible in the event of the onset of pathologies and/or any type of physical condition indicated as malaise or in any case negative for the Health. This is because it is included in point 8 of these terms and conditions, a disclosure which advises the potential customer BEFORE the pre-order, to go to their doctor and/or specialist, to find out for sure if their physical condition allows them to be able to take or come into contact with the product in any way, without running any health risk. The potential buyer is not only informed to be made more aware of the risks deriving even from contact with the product in his specific case, but he is also encouraged in several points of the description NOT to release his data in the absence of previous medical advice which it denies its use in a certified manner.

10) The purchase of the product by minors is prohibited. The purchase by a minor can normally be declared null, because the not yet eighteen year old does not have the capacity to act. This gives the parents the right to demand reimbursement of any sum spent, also canceling the consequences of the distance contract.
However, this principle does not apply in cases in which the minor has kept silent or falsified his age through deceptive behavior or by declaring that he is of age.

11) based on article 52 of Legislative Decree 206/2005 and subsequent amendments and additions, subject to the exceptions referred to in article 59 of the same decree, the consumer has a period of fourteen days to withdraw from a distance contract or negotiated away from commercial premises without having to provide any reason and without having to incur costs other than those provided for in article 56, paragraph 2, and in article 57. Due to the nature of the pre-order, this right will start and will be counted from the day on which it is received the product at home. The right of withdrawal must be exercised towards the distributing company.

12) regarding shipping times, the potential customer, by accepting the nature of the pre-order when he clicks the “Buy It Now” button, adding the product to the cart and releasing his data, accepts without reservation that the operating times of the distributing/ manufacturer are those in the payment form.

13) You declare to accept the terms and conditions of the distributors/producers.
In addition to accepting all conditions, the user is aware and accepts without reservation that he has been informed by the holder of this account that he is a person in charge occasionally, who simply works to transfer the data necessary for shipment to the real distributor/manufacturer/ manufacturer.

15) The user accepts that after clicking the buy button, the holder of this account will carry out a pre-order on behalf of those who clicked the “Buy It Now” button using one of the pages owned by the distributor prepared for the purpose of pre-ordering the product at the same distribution company on behalf of those who have clicked the buy button and the latter gives the holder of this account the right to use their data and transfer any payments to the distribution company.